Spirit Stones


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Author  Dianne Ebertt Beeaff
Publisher  Five Star Publications, Inc.
Publication Date   October 16, 2011
ISBN  1589851986
Pages  330

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Nearly a decade in the making, award-winning author Dianne Ebertt Beeaff's transcending new book, Spirit Stones, explores the enduring lessons of Europe s prehistoric monoliths, stone circles and burial chambers. Beeaff's fastidious research, first-hand accounts and prevailing love of history capture not only the architectural essence of these archeological treasures, but also their spiritual strength. Uniting civilization throughout the ages, the stone relics being rediscovered throughout Western Europe speak not only of our Neolithic and Bronze Age past, but also of contemporary humanity. The lessons of these ancient stones can help our present-day society unearth and cultivate its own spiritual potential...with reverence, celebration and hope.

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