The Sicarii in Josephus's Judean War

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Author  Mark Andrew Brighton
Publisher  Society of Biblical Literature
Publication Date   March 13, 2009
ISBN  1589834062
Pages  200

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This book offers a comprehensive study of the Sicarii in Josephus s Judean War. Detailed rhetorical analyses are provided not only for the Masada narrative, where Josephus tells how the Sicarii famously committed suicide, but also for all other places in War where their activities are described or must be inferred from the context. The study shows how Josephus adopted the Sicarii in his narrative to develop and bring to a resolution several major themes in War. In a departure from the classical proposal that the Sicarii were an armed and fanatical off-shoot of the Zealots, this work concludes that from a historical perspective, Sicarii was a somewhat fluid term used to describe Jews of the Judean revolt who were associated with acts of violence against their own people for religious/political ends.

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