Letters of Pontius Pilate

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Publisher  Fredonia Books (NL)
Publication Date   July 28, 2002
ISBN  1589639480
Pages  176

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These letters represent the times of Jesus, with some of the principal events of his life from a new viewpoint - that of the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate.

History has pictured Pilate as in some respects a good governor, anxious to serve his imperial master faithfully, and even in so far as possible to conciliate those who were placed in his care. In these letters Pilate describes the events of his Governorship, his impressions, his policy, his difficulties in dealing with the Jews.

"It seems," writes Pilate, "that all Galilee is agog about Jesus, and everyone knows of someone who has heard of someone else who has been cured of some disease." Pilate argues that Jesus is a popular leader who is politically dangerous, a troublesome fellow that must be gotten out of the way. "And," concludes Pilate, "if he was not a dangerous rebel yesterday, he would have been tomorrow."

In spite of this, Pilate has given us a fine picture of Jesus here, written with restraint and feeling, unconsciously reverent and absorbingly interesting.

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