The Light of Egypt (Book published October 1, 1999)


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Author  Thomas H. Burgoyne
Publisher  Book Tree
Publication Date   October 1, 1999
ISBN  1585090514
Pages  320

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The Science of the Soul and the Stars, by Thomas H. Burgoyne. This book is about the search for spiritual truth. According to the author, the methods date back to ancient Egypt and Chaldea. It contains some of the most effective spiritual instruction ever used. The author was well-schooled in wisdom from around the world, often referring to Hermetic, Kabalistic, Theosophical, and Buddhist principles. The book is divided into two parts: "The Science of the Soul " and "The Science of the Stars." It explores karma, immortality, reincarnation, and the human soul in depth, plus chapters on The Mysteries of Sex, The Realm of Spirit, Alchemy, astrology and the zodiac. This guidebook is meant for slow and serious study, for those wishing to attain wisdom as opposed to knowledge.

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