Axis Rule in Occupied Europe (Book published June 30, 2008)


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Author  Raphael Lemkin
Publisher  The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
Publication Date   June 30, 2008
ISBN  1584779012
Pages  712

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Second Edition by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
Introduction to the Second Edition by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. by William A. Schabas.
Introduction to the First Edition by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. by Samantha Power.
From the series Foundations of the Laws of War, General Editor Joseph Perkovich. The Book that Introduced and Defined the Concept of Genocide. In this pathbreaking study Polish emigre Raphael Lemkin [1900-1959] coined the term "genocide" and defined it is a subject of international law. While the term has come to mean the extermination of a people, Lemkin used it to describe all programs that sought to increase "Aryan" birthrate while working to exterminate the social, cultural and economic independence of non-Germanic peoples. This study was an elaboration of ideas he first proposed in 1933 in his address to the Fifth International Conference for the Unification of Penal Law (1933), which argued that attacks on racial, religious and ethnic groups should be considered international crimes. Important for the prosecution of the Nazis, it helped to establish the framework for all subsequent efforts to punish crimes against humanity.

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