The Civil Law

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Author  Samuel Parsons Scott
Publisher  The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
Publication Date   May 6, 2001
ISBN  1584771305
Pages  6046

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17 books in 7 volumes. Originally published: Cincinnati: The Central Trust Company, 1932. Seven Vols. (7" x 10"). xiii, 332 xi, 325; vi, 347, vi, 359; vi, 342, vi, 334; vi, 333, vi, 343; vii, 335, vi, 336, vii, 318; xiii, 346, xiv, 352, xv, 366; xx, 321, xxix, 364, xxvii, 365 pp. Reprint of the sole edition of the only complete English translation of Justinian s Enactments. A comprehensive translation of numerous sources of Roman law, from the original Latin. Notable for its inclusion of the only complete English translation of the entire Corpus Juris Civilis. An invaluable source of primary materials for the student of Canon law, Roman law or jurisprudence.

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