Explorer's Guide Mexico's Aztec & Maya Empires...

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Author  Zain Deane
Publisher  Countryman Press
Publication Date   June 6, 2011
ISBN  1581571070
Pages  400

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With Explorer’s Guides, expert authors and helpful icons make it easy to locate places of extra value, family-friendly activities, and excellent restaurants and lodgings. Regional and city maps help you get around and What’s Where provides a quick reference on everything from tourist attractions to off-the-beaten-track sites.

Tour the heartland of the Aztec and Maya empires, ancient Mexico’s greatest civilizations, including Mexico City, the Yucata´n Peninsula, Chiapas, and Campeche. Through their astounding ruins, the institutions that have chronicled their legacies, and the visible traces of their culture today, this guide shows you the glory of ancient and mighty civilizations. Black-and-white photographs and maps throughout

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