Imagining Egypt


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Author  Mark Millmore
Publisher  Black Dog & Leventhal
Publication Date   March 30, 2007
ISBN  1579125476
Pages  192

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Explore the history and culture of ancient Egypt in a brand-new way with this unique book sure to appeal to adults and young people alike. The ancient Egyptians thrived over a 3,000-year period and are considered to have been one of the most sophisticated and innovative societies the world has ever known. In Imagining Egypt readers learn how to decode hieroglyphics, find out how the pyramids were built, read ancient myths and legends—and experience the daily life and culture of the Egyptians in a whole new way.

Brand-new computer recreations of ancient monuments and structures, rendered by the author in full color just as they would have looked in their own time, are acompanied by photos of the sites today. With its highly original artwork, lively layout, and entertaining, interactive style, Imagining Egypt carries readers back to an exotic and fascinating time and place, into a culture that exerts influence and commands respect today. Going beyond artifacts and ruins to show what life was really like at the time, it’s perfect for students, teachers, armchair historians, and travelers.

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