The Archaeology of War


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Author  Archaeology Magazine
Publisher  Red Brick Press
Publication Date   December 16, 2005
ISBN  1578262143
Pages  296

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Tracing the evolution of warfare from Paleolithic times to today.

From the flint weapons of prehistory to the sophisticated nuclear missiles of today, archaeologists are unearthing and documenting the dramatic story of warfare—in so many ways, the story of human history itself. New discoveries have revealed what really happened at key battles, military strategies, technological advances, and the impact of warfare and violence on civilian societies.

In The Archaeology of War you'll find little-known, yet important, stories such as:
• the discovery of a 13,000-year-old arrow-shooting victim
• the recovery of Kublai Khan's invasion fleet off the coast of Japan
• the excavation of a mass grave of Napoleon's Army in Lithuania
• the reanalysis of a battle between the Buffalo Soldiers and the Apache
• the creation of the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site

Featuring contributions from top archaeologist from around the world, The Archaeology of War will enlighten amateurs and experts alike. 50 color and b/w photos.

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