Tutankhamun , The Boy King


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Author  Jackie Gaff
Publisher  Peter Bedrick
Publication Date   September 20, 2017
ISBN  1577685555
Pages  32

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The Kids Who Ruled series is a series of biographies of rulers who ruled when they were mere children. The full-color illustrations and factual histories of these very young leaders bring their world and times vividly to life. These lively biographies include information on schooling, family life, culture, and religion during the ruler's reign, and will supplement curriculum-based learning. Educational features include a glossary, index, timeline, and map, as well as fun fact boxes integrated onto each spread. Supplements school curriculum in social studies and history.

Crowned pharaoh of Egypt at the age of nine, Tutankhamen had a promising but short reign. The discovery of the boy king's spectacular tomb has taught the modern world much of what it knows about ancient Egyptian life.

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