Religions of Mesoamerica


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Author  David Carrasco
Publisher  Waveland Pr Inc
Publication Date   April 1, 1998
ISBN  1577660064
Pages  174

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Engaging exploration of religious expression in Mexico! Highly regarded scholar Davd Carrasco provides an overview of the history of Mesoamerican cultures and vividly describes their religious forms, structures, myths, and prevailing "cosmovision"--the Mesoamerican view of time and space and its ritualized representation and enactment. Carrasco details the dynamics of two important cultures--the Aztec and the Maya--and discusses the impact of the Spanish conquest and the continuity of native traditions into the post-Columbian and contemporary eras. Integrating recent archaeological discoveries in Mexico City, he brings about a comprehensive understanding of ritual human sacrifice, a subject often ignored in religious studies.

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