The Egyptian Origin of Christianity

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Author  Lisa Ann Bargeman
Publisher  Blue Dolphin Publishing
Publication Date   July 1, 2005
ISBN  1577331524
Pages  132

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The Egyptian Origin of Christianity focuses on the ceremonial parallels between the modern Roman Catholic Church and ancient Egyptian ceremony. While all forms of Christianity display strong parallels to the rituals of ancient Egypt, perhaps the strongest examples can be seen in Roman Catholicism. Ancient travelers dispersed from North Africa, carrying with them their traditions and customs. The importance of the Egyptian sway can no longer be denied. It has prompted great thinkers like Siegfried Morenz, Director of the University of Liepzig Institute of Egyptology, to remark that "the influence of the Egyptian religion on posterity is mainly felt through Christianity and its antecedents. Egypt's contribution to the Old Testament is actually a product of that country's relationship with Syria; its contribution to the New Testament, indeed, even to early Christian theology, must be seen as a special instance of that general influence exerted by Egypt upon the Hellenistic world." It is that influence which is explored in The Egyptian Origin of Christianity in order that the true nature of religion as a whole may be elucidated.

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