Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World...

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Author  Joyce E. Salisbury
Publisher  ABC-CLIO
Publication Date   May 16, 2001
ISBN  1576070921
Pages  385

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An extensive and fascinating collection of stories featuring both famous and everyday women, giving a well-rounded view of the lives of women in the ancient world.

• Entries including women from myth, religion, and legend including Eve, Aphrodite, the earth goddess Gaea, Helen of Troy, and Isis

• Entries arranged by categories such as Greece, Rome, Christian, and Northern Europe for ease of research

• Many rare and revealing images including a procession of virgin martyrs, ca. A.D. 560

• Photographs of ancient sculptures including a Minoan snake goddess, ca. 1600 B.C.; numerous maps of ancient Greece and Mesopotamia; and a depiction of the Hellenistic monarchies

• Genealogical charts of the Herodian family, the family of Augustus, and the Julio-Claudian house

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