Time and History in the Ancient Near East...

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Author  Liuis Feliu
Publisher  Eisenbrauns
Publication Date   July 1, 2013
ISBN  1575062550
Pages  875

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In July, 2010, the International Association for Assyriology met in Barcelona, Spain, for 5 days to deliver and listen to papers on the theme "Time and History in the Ancient Near East." This volume, the proceedings of the conference, contains 70 of the papers read at the 56th annual Rencontre, including the papers from several workshop sessions on "architecture and archaeology," "early Akkadian and its Semitic context," " Hurrian language," "law in the ancient Near East," "Middle Assyrian texts and studies," and a variety of additional papers not directly related to the conference theme. The photo on the back cover shows only a representative portion of the attendees, who were warmly hosted by faculty and students from the University of Barcelona.

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