Navigation Through The Ages

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Author  Donald Launer
Publisher  Sheridan House
Publication Date   April 1, 2009
ISBN  1574092782
Pages  224

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Sailors have been navigating the seas for thousands of years, and navigational technology has progressed exponentially during that time. This concise yet comprehensive volume from popular Sheridan House author Donald Launer begins with the impressive developments in navigation undertaken by early seafarers, and follows the art and science of navigation through the ages to their culmination in the huge advances made by our contemporaries. Launer explores the navigational tools invented by each civilization, and includes generous illustrations to help readers envision the tools used.

Written in an accessible, conversational style, with no unexplained jargon or terminology, Navigation Through the Ages will appeal especially to sailors and to anyone with an interest in the history of science and the exploration of our world.

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