A Comprehensive History of Western Ethics...


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Author  Warren Ashby
Publisher  Prometheus Books
Publication Date   August 1, 1997
ISBN  1573921521
Pages  569

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This book provides an engaging, thorough, and inclusive history of western ethics that encompasses both classical and modern perspectives. Author Warren Ashby speaks both to students of history and ethics and to a public interested in but often perplexed by moral values in contemporary life. Ashby embraces all who are concerned with expanding human rights, finding new ways to think about moral experience, and discovering an ethical perspective appropriate for their lives. By exploring past ethical problems, we can prepare for the future's challenges.

Included with the commentary on the writings of great thinkers are in-depth discussions of Greek, biblical, and Stoic ethics; Augustine, Aquinas, and medieval views; the Renaissance, the Reformation, and ethics in the age of science; as well as the Enlightenment, Romanticism, and the last Western century.

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