Mayans & Aztecs


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Author  Mary Tucker
Publisher  Teaching & Learning Co
Publication Date   November 1, 2002
ISBN  1573103551
Pages  48

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Here's an exciting, hands-on collection of ideas and activities designed to introduce students to the life of the ancient Mayans and Aztecs.

Ancient history will come to life for students as they write number glyphs using the code of the Maya, design their own battle uniforms using ideas from the Aztecs and learn about the diet, work, entertainment, worship and warfare of these people who were the forerunners of modern Mexico. They'll discover the fierce side of both cultures and their preoccupation with blood and death.

Students will begin to understand why the Mayans and Aztecs lived as they did and how a European desire to discover gold in the new world brought an end to their vibrant civilizations. A variety of creative activities are included to involve students in exploring these ancient peoples for themselves.

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