Juno's Twins


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Author  Michael Milone
Publisher  Academic Therapy Pubns
Publication Date   October 1, 2012
ISBN  1571286462
Pages  240

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Having learned the art of writing, I am able to tell this story so that others may know of our history...I am Serena, the sister of Romulus and Remus. With this prologue, Serena begins a spellbinding tale of the founding of Rome. It is not the popular legend, but an elaborate historical fantasy that blends adventure, mythology, and our knowledge of ancient Italy.

The beautiful yet malevolent goddess Discordia, who was responsible for the Trojan War, chooses as her next victims the people of a village near Alba Longa in central Italy. Her meddling compels the teenagers of the tribe including the twins Romulus and Remus to leave their home in order to save the other villagers. As they search for a place to live, Discordia continues to plague the Albans. They are ceaselessly challenged by supernatural forces, including an eruption of Vesuvius, a whirlpool caused by Karybdis, and encounters with shapeshifters, the soul-devouring Keres, and ghastly Harpies.

During their journey, the Albans are aided by some of the immortals, who admire the determination of the teens. Among the immortals is Aeneas, who leads them briefly through the Underworld. They are not so fortunate in their dealings with the Etruscans, some of whom are in the thrall of Discordia.

Always at the side of Romulus and Remus is a great white dog, Nivea, who is the source of the rumor that the twins were raised by a wolf. Nivea possesses mysterious powers and is able to communicate with mythical creatures like centaurs and a sea serpent who saves all of them. The Albans eventually arrive at a place near the Tiber River where a struggling village welcomes them and omens suggest that this should be their new home. Discordia, however, has other plans, an ultimate confrontation takes place, and the true identity of Nivea is revealed.

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