12 Tribes, 10 Plagues, and the 2 Men Who Were...


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Author  Graham Phillips
Publisher  Ulysses Press
Publication Date   April 1, 2003
ISBN  1569753555
Pages  336

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This book doesn't present a grand solution or some complicated theory about the authenticity of the Old Testament. Instead it looks at individual stories and considers the historical merits of each. The author isn’t concerned that parts of the Hebrew Bible are clearly inaccurate, instead he presents an impressive array of evidence to show which parts are accurate retellings of events.

The catalog of stories that the author is able to substantiate using archaeological and historical evidence is impressive. For example, the opening chapter considers the ten plagues of Exodus and shows how these seemingly improbable events could actually have been the result of a massive volcanic eruption like the one which occurred near Egypt around 1500 BC. Other chapters provide historical credence to such events as David's capture of Jerusalem, the Israelites conquest of Canaan after the fall of Jericho and the correct location of the Mountain of God.

In the chapters on Moses, the author picks apart the Bible's often contradictory stories. Instead of concluding that Moses was an imaginary figurehead who could not have done everything credited to him in the Bible, the author shows how there were two different historical man who together did accomplish Moses' many deeds.

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