Jaguar Wisdom


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Author  Ken Johnson
Publisher  Llewellyn Publications
Publication Date   June 8, 1997
ISBN  1567183727
Pages  288

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The secrets of the ancient Mayan shamans will be yours to work with when you read Jaguar Wisdom by Kenneth Johnson. In this revealing book you will explore traditional practices and learn magical secrets that have been hidden for hundreds of years.

In Jaguar Wisdom, you will discover the secrets of the sastun, the stone of light. You will learn how to use it for healing, prediction, and magical workings. Revealed, too, are the mythic and spiritual meanings of each of the days of the Sacred Calendar and how you can work with this knowledge through prayer, ritual, and meditation.

- Create your own diviner's bag
- Learn to use the ancient system of seed divination
- Determine anyone's day-sign and use it to give effective, accurate readings
- Discover how to erect and use a traditional altar
- Make your own Mayan amulets for protection, love, and better health

But Jaguar Wisdom is more than practical information about the ancient Maya. It also includes valuable spiritual secrets of the contemporary Mayan people. With this combination of ancient and modern knowledge, you will be able to understand the mysteries and use them to improve your life on a daily basis. This is a vital and powerful path to spiritual evolution that has survived for centuries to offer startling insights for the new millennium.

Practical and fascinating, Jaguar Wisdom provides you with a clear and accessible introduction to the essential spiritual beliefs and practices of the Maya. Find out how it can change your life by reading this book.

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