African Intellectual Heritage


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Author  Molefi Asante
Publisher  Temple University Press
Publication Date   June 25, 1996
ISBN  1566394023
Pages  828

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Organized by major themes such as creation stories, and resistance to oppression, this collection gather works of imagination, politics and history, religion, and culture from many societies and across recorded time. Asante and Abarry marshal together ancient, anonymous writers whose texts were originally written on stone and papyri and the well-known public figures of more recent times whose spoken and written words have shaped the intellectual history of the diaspora.Within this remarkably wide-ranging volume are such sources as prayers and praise songs from ancient Kemet and Ethiopia along with African American spirituals; political commentary from C.L.R. James, Malcolm X, Mary McLeod Bethune, and Joseph Nyerere; stirring calls for social justice from David Walker, Abdias Nacimento, Franzo Fanon, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Featuring newly translated texts and documents published for the first time, the volume also includes an African chronology, a glossary, and an extensive bibliography. With this landmark book, Asante and Abarry offer a major contribution to the ongoing debates on defining the African canon. Molefi Kete Asante is Professor and Chair of African American Studies at Temple University and author of several books, including "The Afrocentric Idea" (Temple) and "The Historical and Cultural Atlas of African Americans". Abu S. Abarry is Assistant Chair of African American Studies at Temple University.

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