Will of Zeus


Will of Zeus

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Author  Stringfellow Barr
Publisher  Barnes Noble
Publication Date   August 1, 1965
ISBN  1566195551
Pages  494


It's a terrible shame that this book and its companion volume, The Mask of Jove, are out of print. In beautiful, eloquent prose Stringfellow Barr traces Greek history from the Homeric Age through the death of Alexander. The companion volume, The Mask of Jove, picks up where The Will of Zeus leaves off and covers the Roman period from its earliest beginnings to the death of Constantine, the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity. Each volume is about 500 pages. Anyone who reads them both will have acquired with the greatest pleasure an in-depth knowledge of the Graeco-Roman world and the foundations of Western Civilization. I loved these two beautifully written books and I can't believe the publisher let them go out of print./BEST VALUE ON THIS GIFT QUALITY BOOK/YOUR BOOK COMES WITH A PLASTIC MYLAR COVER THAT WILL PROTECT YOUR BOOK FOR YEARS OF ENJOYMENT/ FAST SHIPPING ALL AROUND THE WORLD /OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE/

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