Goguryeo (Book published December 1, 2008)


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Author  Ho-tae Jeon
Publisher  Hollym International Corporation
Publication Date   December 1, 2008
ISBN  1565912829
Pages  288

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Goguryeo tomb murals, now a registered UNESCO World Heritage, are an important part of Korea s cultural heritage and an historic record of the kingdom, which was one of the most powerful states in Northeast Asia 2000 years ago. The murals, which were excavated from the late third to seventh centuries in areas of Pyeongyang and Anak in North Korea and Ji'an in China, not only reflect the Goguryeo people's view on the world, the universe, and afterlife but also provide important insights into their daily life. Through this book, readers can comprehend characteristics of Goguryeo culture depicted in the Goguryeo tomb murals: individuality based on diversity, universality with originality, and openness with selectivity.

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