New Testament Times


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Author  Merrill C. Tenney
Publisher  Hendrickson Publishers
Publication Date   February 28, 2001
ISBN  1565636570
Pages  416

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New Testament Times provides a short reconstruction of the cultural background in which Christianity arose and developed from the time of the Maccabean Revolt to A.D. 138. The book begins with an explanation of the relevance of the historical, political, social, and economic background during the first century which helps furnish a proper understanding of the New Testament. Dr. Tenney takes into account all the possible historical sources canonical and non-canonical, literary and archaeological.A survey of the world situation after the death of Alexander the Great includes a summary of the Maccabean revolt, crucial to the understanding of the messianic hopes of the Jewish people. Dr. Tenney saw three cultural tensions playing upon the embryonic church: Judaism, Roman imperialism, and Hellenism. The survey continues by tracing the growth of Christianity under the Roman emperors: - The birth of Christ and the age of Augustus- Christ's ministry during the reign of Tiberius- The rise of the church- Persecutions under Nero and Domitian- The new era of Christianity under Trajan and Hadrian.New Testament Times provides the reader with the historical framework in which the Christian gospel is set, and makes the biblical message speak clearly and meaningfully by placing it in the perspective of history.Included are 130 illustrations, 3 original maps, 6 helpful charts, 4 exhaustive indices and a detailed bibliography.

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