Ancient African Civilizations

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Author  Stanley Burstein
Publisher  Markus Wiener Publishers
Publication Date   October 21, 2017
ISBN  1558765042
Pages  190

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The first edition of this book provided teachers of African history, for the first time, with fully annotated translations of the most important Greek and Roman sources for the history of these two remarkable ancient African civilizations. The new edition retains all of the features that made the first edition so successful while significantly expanding the coverage of the history of Kush and Axum. illustration program has been revised, new translations have been added including recently discovered Nubian and Axumite royal documents, and a new chapter treats the origins of the kingdom of Kush and its relations with Egypt and Persia. Stanley Burstein, California State University at Los Angeles, is also the co-editor of "Land of the Enchanters".

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