Four Gothic Kings (Book published October 1, 1987)


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Publisher  Grove Pr
Publication Date   October 1, 1987
ISBN  1555841716
Pages  320

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After the sealing of Magna Carta in 1215 and the death of King John the following year, England went forward into the 13th century with great hope. But this hope was soon destroyed. As recorded by contemporary chroniclers, the reigns of the next four Plantagenet monarchs were marked by a series of continuing horrors, of famine and war, disorder and cruelty, culminating with the Black Death - the plague that swept across Europe and killed almost half its population. This book and its chronicles focus on the lives of the four monarchs who reigned from 1216 to 1377: Henry III, pious and shrewd but also cunning and suspicious, who ruled for 56 years; Edward I, a great administrator and military leader, who tamed the Welsh and hammered the Scots; the dissolute Edward II, who was murdered at Berkeley Castle; and Edward III, who with his son the Black Prince led England into the long and destructive Hundred Years War. With the death of Edward III, this turbulent period came to a close. However, the Plantagenet world would prove to have been at the center of great and lasting changes in political power and in social and economic structures. For the first time in history, parliament included commoners as well as the great nobles, and during this time, English emerged as the lingua franca of the nation. Between 1216 and 1377, the Plantagenet dynasty from Anjou became an English family of kings. Along with the original chronicles, 100 explanatory essays and more than 200 illustrations highlight the background of contemporary events, people, customs and traditions. They include information and commentary on women and sex, herbal remedies, music and food, and contain assessments of the personalities of great kings, queens and men of power, as well as the daily lives of ordinary people - bringing to life one of history's most exciting periods.

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