The Aryan Origin of the Alphabet

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Author  Laurence Austine Waddell
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   February 16, 2017
ISBN  1543194303
Pages  80

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Building upon his earlier works in which he proved a racial link between the Indo-Europeans in Europe and ancient Sumeria, in this work the author shows that the modern alphabet used in Europe (and thus most of the world) originated with a Proto-Indo-Hittite script which developed into Sumerian. This was then in turn transmitted to surrounding civilizations and ultimately became the written language of Western civilization.

“The origin of our Alphabet and Alphabetic Writing—one of the greatest and most useful of human inventions—has long been the subject of countless conjectures, but has hitherto remained wholly unsolved. The new evidence now discloses by concrete proofs that unknown origin, the meaning of the letters or signs, the objects that they represent with their original names and meanings, and their racial authorship, which is found to be not Semite, as hitherto supposed, but Aryan.

“The inventor of the alphabet is traced to the leading mercantile and seafaring branch of the ruling Aryans or Sumerians, namely, the Hitto-Phoenicians; and his personality appears to found in King Cadmus, the Phoenician sea-emperor of about 1200 BC, after whom the Greeks named their early alphabetic letters.

“The effect, therefore, of these constructive discoveries is destructive of the current established theories of modern historians and philologists on the racial origin of the Higher Civilization and of civilized writing, both hieroglyphic and alphabetic. It thus necessitates a new re-orientation of the facts of Ancient History and of the History of our Modern Civilization.”—From the conclusion.

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