From Pyrrhus to Cyprus Forgotten and Remembered... (Book published


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Author  Mr Billy Cotsis
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   January 10, 2017
ISBN  154118128X
Pages  158

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The Greek world was never about mainland Greece, it was always much bigger… The Hellenes travelled in search of colonies, new territories and empires. They founded hundreds of colonies and territories in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Africa and Asia. A number of these survive to this day, with many of its inhabitants speaking a dialect of Greek and maintaining differing aspects of Hellenic culture. It is important that we never forget how far the Hellenes were able to reach and in many cases directly rule vast territories far beyond the Greek heartland. This book therefore brings you an overview of 36 identified Greek “territories,” after the disintegration of the empire built up by Alexander the Great. Starting with Pyrrhus, the king of Epiros, the book also provides an overview of the conquests of Alexander and the Hellenistic Age, Byzantine Empire, Trebizond, Ionian Republic and many more. The chapters are connected by the brilliant writer, Thucydides; he is the reason why history is written the way it is today. Thucydides was an exiled Athenian general in the Fifth Century who decided to write a balanced account of the Peloponnesian War. This book is therefore a tribute to his skill and balance as a writer. In order to create Thucydides as a connector, and in a nod to the ancient paganistic rituals of the Hellenes, the God Apollo casts a spell on Thucydides to live for eternity. Thucydides travels around the world documenting the Greek places he discovers until he gets to the modern age, by which time, you the reader will have had an entry point to the incredible array of Greek territories that existed and shape our destiny. This book would not exist without the generous support of the Hellenic Club of Sydney.

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