Navel of the Earth (Book published November 30, 2016)


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Author  Marios Koutsoukos
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   November 30, 2016
ISBN  1540741281
Pages  172

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The oracle of Delphi, the sacred abode of the raving prophetess, the Pythia, was for centuries one of the most celebrated and influential religious centers in the ancient Greek world. There, the magnificent temple of Apollo was not only gilded in riches of gold and bronze but also in the jewels of everlasting wisdom: the Delphic Admonitions. These were brief “catchphrases” conveying moral, philosophical and even practical teachings, inscribed on pillars around the temple. They were attributed to the Seven Sages of antiquity, a group of philosophers who laid the cornerstone in the edifice of western culture and intellect. This work contains a selection of 120 of the most principle Delphic Admonitions translated in English and each one is presented with an accompanying historical and philological commentary so that the reader may understand them both in the context of the ancient world as well as in that of their application to modern-day life. Complete with a detailed introduction exploring the many mysteries surrounding Delphi’s long and fascinating history, an appendix containing the Delphic Admonitions in the original ancient Greek and numerous references to classical Greek and Roman literature, “Navel of the Earth” is, in effect, an anthology of history, philosophy and theology as well as a useful handbook for those wishing to embark on the mysterious and rewarding journey of rediscovering the sublime wisdom of antiquity.

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