From Before UR To Babylon


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Author  George W Harper
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   October 1, 2016
ISBN  1537798715
Pages  422

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Is it possible to develop a coherent history of the Hebrew people from their beginning to the period of the Babylonian captivity by purely rational means and without resorting to all kinds of priestly edicts and ominous miracles? In other words, can we employ rational techniques to manufacture a non-theological history? If we are to have any expectation of success in ambitious an effort we must define our own presumptions in advance. Most importantly, we must accept the reality that not all “holy men” are disinterested in everything not of divine prodding. There are venal priests. Self-seeking priests, pompous and so convinced of their own sanctity and holiness that they confidently contemplate their navels and whatever atrocities they may discover in themselves are instantly transformed into divine edicts. In short they are just as human as the rest of us only now they are accredited as spokesmen for God. By implication we must beware of the possibility some priest or cabal of theologians may have deliberately altered passages in their Bibles to benefit themselves. A few such occasions are demonstrable at various places, as are also to be found--- as when the impossibility of drawing a rope through the eye of a needle would up became drawing a camel through the eye! So either read and curse me for objecting to your prejudices or praise me for providing a different perspective on Middle-Eastern history.

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