Verona (Book published March 1, 2010)


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Author  Dorothy M Cmaylo
Publisher  Arcadia Publishing Library Editions
Publication Date   March 1, 2010
ISBN  1531647499
Pages  130

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The first settlers of the town of Verona arrived in 1791. More people came to the area with the establishment of the Erie Canal and other waterway improvements, and Verona grew quickly. Many early settlers were hardworking immigrants, including German farmers, Swiss cheese-makers, English entrepreneurs, and Irish workers who played an integral role in the construction and operation of the Erie Canal. As the nation prospered during the Industrial Revolution, so did Verona and its hamlets. The economic development in the town and along the canal included many mills, hotels, stores, and cheese and glass factories. By the early 1900s, vacationers came to Verona Hamlet for the healing waters of its natural mineral springs. Verona Beach, along the shore of Oneida Lake, also became a favorite destination.

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