Time from Creation


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Author  Gael Bataman
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   February 25, 2017
ISBN  1520678657
Pages  348

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From Creation Yehuveh has marked and measured time by the movements of the sun, moon, and stars (see Genesis 1:14-18). His amazing time-keeping system cannot be touched or changed by men, yet Daniel 7:25 clearly states that human leadership would "think to change times and laws" and they would be permitted to do so for a limited "time." The currently used solar-year Gregorian Calender with its CONTINUOUS-ly-counted-week was established in 1582 by the Roman Catholic Pope Gregory XIII and took hundreds of years to be established in the various countries of Europe, and longer to become the economic calendar of other major world powers. Time from Creation compares Yehuveh's natural time system with the currently-used artificial system. What is the effect on humanity if we regulate our lives by original measures or these temporary artificial measures? How does it impact your personal physical and mental health, happiness and prosperity? Should you realize the incomparable value of returning to natural time-keeping, how do you do so? Time from Creation explains the natural marking of days, years, months marked by lunar cycles, lunar-marked-seven-day cycles and Sabbaths, Sabbatical and Jubilee cycles. Throughout this book, solid Scriptural foundations, supports, and appeals provide abundant evidence that this ancient time-keeping system has only been eclipsed by human devisings. Men only "think to change time," and they are permitted to do so for only a short while. If you please, their "fifteen minutes" is almost up! In the near future, all humanity will be brought back to Yehuveh's original Time from Creation. Besides being a fluid means to restoring health, happiness, joy, and true prosperity now, this book provides the needed re-education to be ahead of the crowd and ready for this restoration.

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