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Author  Adam Parker
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   November 8, 2015
ISBN  1517444489
Pages  32

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This book is the first in 'The Abridged Roman York' series of short introductions to aspects of the fascinating archaeological remains of Roman York. First published, and available as a Kindle eBook, 'Rufinus: the standard-bearer of the 9th Legion' accounts for the discovery, curation and interpretation of the tombstone of a Roman legionary standard-bearer who died in York at the end of the 1st Century AD. It presents one of Roman York's most eponymous archaeological discoveries to a wide audience; it is intended to be accessible for a non-specialist audience and all those fascinated by history. Each title in this series aims to provide an overview of an object and discuss the interesting and important features therein, backed up by fully referenced textual sources and as many images as can be squeezed in.

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