MA'AT 42 Plus GOD (Book published May 30, 2015)


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Author  LaTonya Page~Balkcom
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   May 30, 2015
ISBN  1514151480
Pages  122

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This Pocket Edition of "MA'AT 42 Plus God" gives ideas on how to incorporate the 42 Concepts of MA'AT, principles, more simplistically into your everyday living experience. A common sense approach to living a more prosperous life."God" meaning, the totality of Creation itself. Fear not: MA'AT is not a religion, but, merely a way of LIFE. The Essence of God is the 42 Principles/Concepts of MA'AT. We must Master a way to explain these Principles to our inner-selves, in efforts to manifest our higher-self on a daily basis. It's time to reclaim or recover all parts of our Divine African Spirituality.Ancient Kemet recognized that MOST of what We need to get through Life, with Purpose and Meaning Already Exist Within our Hearts. We merely have to tap into the powers within.MA'AT also teaches how to create a self-directed Life that brings Joy, Contentment and a Renewed sense of Purpose! We must learn to manifest in a likeness and image of Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Peace, Reciprocity and Loveā€¦and be undisturbed in the midst of everyday chaos and confusion. We must understand that it is in our best interest to always return to that Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Love, Reciprocity and Peace on a daily basis as we go about the day.We are a peaceful people by nature. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions should line up with the attributes of and the reflection of God. When your emotions have that response as of the energy powers of God, you will change all events in your life into positive experiences. You possess the ability to create your day. This book gives you a common sense approach to everyday life experiences that will allow you to vibrate at a higher frequency above all negativity that one may experience throughout the day. The Spirit of God flows through you to others. Your emotions need to respond to Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Reciprocity and Love to be active towards others. You are a Divine Being.

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