Argo: A Ship of Boys and Lovers

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Author  Michael Hone
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   February 20, 2015
ISBN  1508533806
Pages  206

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Argo is the fully-illustrated story of young men who set out on the greatest adventure since the Trojan War. It was a ship of fifty lovers and their belovèds, the account of which is the basis and genesis of this entirely historical work. Such was the spirit of the Argo that one man begged his captors to spear him in the chest and not the back, so that his belovèd would not think him a coward running from battle. Such, too, was the foundation of devotion between lovers, devotion so strong that in Thebes there was a law making it illegal to declare that love between men was not beautiful. Argo is the heritage of every man, whatever his sexuality, because it’s the story of friendship, of male bonding. It’s proof that those of my persuasion have received a truly proud heritage--a heritage to be truly proud of--thanks to the men of Marathon, the men of Salamis, the men of the Thermopylae, and thanks to a ship of fabulous men who preferred other men.

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