Uncovering the Culture of Ancient Mesopotamia... (Book published


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Author  Alix Wood
Publisher  PowerKids Press
Publication Date   January 15, 2016
ISBN  1508146632
Pages  32

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From archaeological digs that have uncovered the earliest Sumer civilizations through boats that may have sailed around the time of Jesus, the region that was once ancient Mesopotamia has remains of the oldest cities, religious sites, and artifacts in the world. This text introduces readers to this important civilization, and encourages them to trace its development through the chronological organization of important archaeological finds. The text covers finds at places such as Nineveh and Babylon, as well as important objects such as the Pilate Stone, dead sea scrolls, and the Sea of Galilee boat. Full-color photographs of historical artifacts, fascinating fact boxes, maps, and a simple timeline accompany the text, which is sure to captivate readers attention!

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