Lovernios (Book published November 5, 2014)


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Author  Heather Rose Hearn
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   November 5, 2014
ISBN  1503002705
Pages  416

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In 1984, a 2000 year old, perfectly preserved body was discovered in a peatbog near Manchester. He became known as the Lindow Man. Extensive testing revealed much about his life, but also gave rise to many questions and assumptions about who he was, how he lived and how he died. In Lovernios, the author has given the Lindow Man a life, a purpose and role to play in the history of the United Kingdom, during the Romano-British period of invasions, wars and tribalism. The story brings these very distant times to life, seamlessly mingling historic facts with dramatic fiction. Researched over a period of a year, the book is packed full of historic, cultural and religious facts of the time. It charts the life of Lovernios, born a noble in the year 30 AD, through his early childhood, his life as a Druid, the Roman invasions, and ultimately his death as a supreme sacrifice in 61 AD. It is a compelling story, that leaves the reader in no doubt about man’s primal survival instinct and, at the same time, his ability to accept death as part of the journey. Difficult to put down, hard to swallow in parts, this is a book that will not leave the reader untouched.

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