The Best of Dr. Dig Uncovers the Bible

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Author  John W. Heird
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   July 1, 2014
ISBN  1500340758
Pages  146

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The Best of Dr. Dig Uncovers the Bible John W. Heird Trained in Theology and Archaeology with graduate degrees and post-graduate study in Biblical / Pastoral Studies, Egyptology, and Ancient Near-Eastern Studies (especially the late seventeenth – nineteenth dynasties of Ancient Egypt), the author firmly holds to the concert between archaeology and the Bible. Not written as a dissertation on archaeology in a scientific presentation, this book was designed to be a devotional, informative, entertaining, and, an instructive presentation of Life and Times in the Ancient Word—the World of the Bible. The Best of Dr. Dig Uncovers the Bible is a compilation of articles taken from the author’s nationally syndicated column by the same name. The articles were written for weekly insertion in newspapers and other religious publications. The topics and discussion themes were not designed in any particular series (except Paul’s Missionary Journeys and the history of the Twelve Disciples). They were chosen for the reader’s interest to aid in bible study—sometimes scholarly, and many times, in a humorous and informative vein. This Book Cover Design tells the story! The author invites you to take your Bible in hand and read, with this intention, The Best of Dr. Dig Uncovers the Bible.

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