Rome the Perverts Delight

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Author  Joe Medhurst
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   June 3, 2014
ISBN  1499734247
Pages  134

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A fun and light insight into the darker side of the Roman Empire, bringing in the latest research and analyses of what made the Roman world so sordid. Taking you behind closed doors to the more personal and intimate side of the Romans, this text gives you a never before seen view of what the Romans really got up to, from sex parties and wild orgies, to quiet encounters with local call girls. We see what they really did with their slaves, and what they took to make it all more fun. There is also an anthropological view of their attitudes to sex, and a questioning of their morals, and the role models they looked up to. A well researched yet fun and humourus take on the real dirt of ancient Rome.

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