Epochs of Ancient History


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Author  Charles Sankey
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   May 30, 2014
ISBN  1499718993
Pages  128

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Sankey's history is a comprehensive account of Ancient Greece during the 5th century B.C. From the preface: "The period of history covered by this little book is full both of interest and of importance. Athens yet numbered among her sons Socrates, Xenophon, and Thrasyboulos : Sparta at no time in her history had produced more notable citizens than Lysandros and Agesilaos ; and Thebes was lifted for a moment above her Boiotian provincialism by the military genius and broad statesmanship of Epameinondas. But, in addition to the interest which must be felt in the careers of men like these, this epoch has an importance of its own. It was the transition period from the glories of the Athenian empire to the degradation of the Macedonian conquest ; Athens had attempted in vain to weld into something like national unity the exclusive and intolerant city communities of the Hellenic world and the epoch which followed her downfall exhibits the disastrous results involved in the success of the selfish policy of Sparta and the partial failure of the patriotic policy of Thebes. Accordingly, in treating this period, I have tried to bring out clearly the characters of the leading men and the causes of the chief events ; and I have omitted most of the infinitely small details with which Xenophon has filled the pages of his ' Hellenika.' I have, of course, derived the greatest assistance from the works of Thirlwall, Grote, Prof. E. Curtius, and lastly from my co-editor Mr. Cox ; but the narrative is based mainly on Xenophon and Plutarch, and I have attempted to lighten to some extent the charge of dullness so often brought against the ' Hellenika ' by borrowing many of the graphic touches of humour and description which frequently redeem its general dreariness."

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