Enoch and the Pleiades

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Author  Leif Strom
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   May 30, 2014
ISBN  1499676433
Pages  54

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It is the scholarly view that the Book of Enoch is written from about 300 BC to 50 BC. Thus, if they are right, the Book of Enoch must be a forgery, as it itself says that it is written by the preflood patriarch Enoch, thus making it the oldest book in the world. As a Bible believing christian, you must consider why then the brother of Jesus, the apostle Jude, did quote this “forgery”. Either he and the whole bunch of apostles (because they too, were in­fluenced by the Book of Enoch) were foolish enough to buy this false book – or it must be older than what the scholars say, and written by the one it says is the author: Enoch himself.

What if it could be proved that the Book of Enoch IS older than what the scholars say? What if this book in itself can prove it? Because if it was written 5000 years ago, wouldn't there be some traces in it (geographical, or astronomical), perhaps hidden to people in the centuries before Christ, but possible for us in our technological time, to discover?

I believe that I have found such evidence – evidence that proves ‘beyond doubt’, that the Book of Enoch IS 5000 years old, and I'm going to tell about it in this book, and how I discovered it.

In this book, you will learn,

1. How Enoch was taken by the angels of God to Antarctica, and from there to the Pleiades, to see the place were the 7 primeval angels are imprisoned, and where the corrupted watchers were to be bound.
2. The location of Tartarus, the bottomless pit - not in the earth, but UNDER the earth.
3. The dividing in Peleg's days, which was not the break up of the continents, but the division of the nations under a new group of angelic, corrupted watchers.
4. How Gilgal Refaim in the Golan Heights fits the description in the Book of Enoch of the burial place of Azazel.
5. What the key to the Abyss is, and where its opening is located.
6. How archeology and the Book of Enoch agree about when and where humanity learned to read and write.
7. How the Book of Enoch has been the instrument of God in three points in time, and how these three correspond to the three transitions between the ages of Taurus, Aries, and Pisces.
8. How the Gilgal Refaim astronomical "clock" is set to exactly the time when, according to Enoch and Noah, Azazel and the 200 watchers were gathered and buried under stone mounds.

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