Afro Hair of the Ancient Egyptians and Blackheads...


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Author  Anu M'Bantu
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   April 14, 2014
ISBN  1499139136
Pages  96

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The Caucasian appearance of the hair on Egyptian mummies has been skilfully avoided by many Black scholars. Professor Diop appears to have been the only scholar to give it even a cursory treatment. We believe had he lived beyond 1986 he would have given the question the detail of attention it deserved. We conclude this because of the scientific pioneering spirit he showed in conducting the melanin dosage test is the same one that would have been required to solve this problem. This booklet deals with the contentious issue and puts it to rest. The ancient Egyptians had Afro hair! Professor Cheikh Anta Diop used the multi-disciplinary method to prove that the ancient Egyptians were Black. Now for the first time the ancient Mesopotamians are having the same multi-disciplinary approach applied to them. There is also a review of their political history and spiritual accomplishments. Art, anthropology, religion and history show the Mesopotamians of ancient times were Black. This book was presented as a lecture alongside Dr Ben in October 2001 at the Dr Ben Memorial Lecture in London.

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