Plato Never Lied Atlantis Is In Indonesia...


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Author  Danny Hilman Natawidjaya
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   February 2, 2014
ISBN  149541650X
Pages  194

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The story of Atlantis in Plato’s manuscript Critias and Timiaeus is often disregarded as Plato’s imaginative story, though in Critias it is clearly said that the source is from very ancient writings in an ancient temple in Egypt. Plato’s manuscript does not merely tell about Atlantis but more fascinating also describe about global catastrophic events in the past, which destroyed human civilizations during ice ages again and again. The approximate location and geographical signatures, as well as climates, vegetations and animals of the land of Atlantis are well described. The Critias also tell about the pre-historic war of the Atlantis, who came accros the Atlantic Ocean, against the lost-ancient Athens-Greek as well as the ancient Egypt. The demise of the Atlantis is stated as a result of a giant earthquake and great floods that occured approximately 11,600 years ago. Just the time that coincides with the major geological event, known as the termination of the Younger Dryas (YD) period, when the global sea level rose suddenly, at the end of the Pleistocene or the onset of the Holocene Era. Scientists strongly suspected that the YD is caused by global catastrophic events, which may also terminated many living things including human cultures on Earth. Interestingly, the known history of the rise of our civilizations started after the YD period. This book sharply and critically discuss Plato’s manuscipts from logic-scientific point of view. Each discussion and interpretation refers to selected paragraphs in Plato’s manuscripts, so readers will be able to have their own opinions. The Plato manuscripts are particularly analized from earth-scientist point of view. Then, the writer explain further about the concept of natural-dissaster cycles and their siginificances to human life. The discussions are enriched with case studies on past major natural dissasters in Indonesian region, including the epic of drawning Sundaland at the end of the ice age. At the last section, the writer briefly discuss about the results of archeo-geological research of the emerging Gunung Padang megalithic site, and whether there is any connection to the legendary Atlantis.

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