The Didache (Book published January 19, 2014)


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Author  R. Joseph Owles
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   January 19, 2014
ISBN  1495240894
Pages  38

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The Didache means “The Teaching” – Christian traditions has claimed that “The Teaching” is nothing less than the teaching of the Twelve Apostles to the early-Church. The Didache was considered by many in the early-Church as part of the New Testament. It fell out of the New Testament as time passed, but continued to serve as a Christian manual. The Didache was lost for centuries until 1873, when a Greek manuscript was rediscovered. The Didache serves as an important historical document in the early-Church, as well as providing solutions to practical Church questions such as does a person have to be dunked during baptism, or can water simply be poured over the head? This copy has been translated by R. Joseph Owles from the Greek into every day, contemporary language, and is formatted in a way that makes it easy to both read and understand.

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