Hephaestion's Journal (Book published May 11, 2013)


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Author  Hannah Saiz
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   May 11, 2013
ISBN  1494973502
Pages  150

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A true and startling translation of the most recent find of cultural antiquity. "Beautifully produced . . . . [A] veritable treasure trove . . . . Constitutes a first-rate education in classical history." - Elemental Readership "Thoroughly readable . . . Anyone interested in the truth of Alexander - from his relationship with its author to his military genius and eventual downfall - can learn from this work." - The Golden Suns "This is the only book with which to begin a study of Alexander the Great." - Ribold Keeglan, Author of Plutarch's Lost Centuris "A real service . . . . Hephaestion's Journal is infinitely accessible [and] amplifies the first authros' own emotive journey." - Griswald

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