The Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome...


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Author  Samuel Ball Platner
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   October 8, 2013
ISBN  1492936987
Pages  568

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This book is intended to serve as an introduction to the study of the topography of ancient Rome for students of Roman antiquities and history, and incidentally as a book of reference for those who have any special interest in the monuments which still remain. It contains an outline of the successive stages in the growth of the city, a discussion of the topography of each region and the position of its buildings so far as this is known, and a somewhat detailed description of the more important structures.

To facilitate further study, references of two classes have been added: first, to the sources of information in ancient literature and inscriptions, and second, to the most important material in current periodicals and the standard works on topography. This handbook makes no claim to exhaustiveness or originality; it is only a compilation from various sources, which, it is hoped, will form a useful addition to the working library of the student of Roman antiquities. It will be evident at once to those who know the literature of the subject that I have drawn continually upon the labors of others, especially upon Richter, — whose Topographie der Stadt Rom has been practically the basis of the present work, — Lanciani, Hulsen, Jordan, Gilbert, Borsari, Boni, and Ashby. As it is manifestly impossible to indicate in each case the precise amount and kind of indebtedness, I trust that I may be regarded as having discharged my duty by this general acknowledgment of obligation. I desire, however, to express my special gratitude to that master of Roman topography, Professor Christian Hulsen of the German Archaeological Institute, whose discussions of the subject during the past fifteen years have been definitive in almost every case, and whose generosity in the present instance has been most marked.

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