Sport In The Golden Age Of Ancient China


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Author  Dr Lingyu Xie
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   October 18, 2013
ISBN  149292959X
Pages  202

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The so-called Golden Age of China was from 581 AD to 960 AD. It was a time when the country prospered, and many of the cultural features were at their highest, in Literature, Inventions, Music and so on. Chinese-born scholar Dr Lingyu Xie examines the culture of the time period and particularly the games, and places the games in a cultural concept. Her work embraces two volumes. The first volume sets the cultural context, and examines such activities as archery, keep fit exercises, polo, hunting, board games, military arts. in all in the first volume, there are eight chapters. Dr Xie had the requisite language skills to research ancient manuscripts to put the story together.

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