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Author  Dr. William J. Neidinger
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   September 14, 2013
ISBN  1492728683
Pages  68

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LECTURE NOTES TO ACCOMPANY THE 10-LECTURE VIDEO SERIES. Dr. William J. Neidinger has prepared a 10-lecture adult education series on video, “The History of Ancient Greek Civilization.” The series traces the rise and fall of ancient Greek civilization from its Bronze Age beginnings in the Aegean to the three-continent empire of Alexander the Great; and, finally, it examines the continuing legacy of ancient Greece. This new volume is a companion to the video series, and comprises lecture notes in outline format. Notes are amply illustrated with thumbnail color photos, diagrams, maps and plans referenced in the video programs. It is not a stand-alone account of the history of ancient Greek civilization, but is meant to be used as a study guide by viewers of the video series.

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