The origin of the Indo-Europeans.

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Author  A. G. Vinogradov
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   August 16, 2013
ISBN  1492118125
Pages  328

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The book of the outstanding researchers A. G. Vinogradov and S. V. Zharnikova " Proto-homeland of the Indo-Europeans" is devoted to research of an ancestral home Indo-European peoples: Indian, Iranian, Slavic, Baltic, Germanic, Celtic, Roman, Albanian, Armenian and Greek language groups. The first part of this huge work is devoted to the localization of the Indo-European homeland. This problem faces to a science enough long time. The given encyclopedic work answers the such question. The book was written in 1989-90g. but in Russia could not be posted. Since that time, there were additional materials, confirming the view of the authors.

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