Caution! Reading this Book can make You Think...

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Author  Roger Huff
Publisher  iUniverse
Publication Date   December 18, 2013
ISBN  1491717165
Pages  266

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In this Age of Misinformation, an increasing number of people seem to be unable or unwilling to tell facts from fiction, communicate effectively, learn from the past, think independently, or have fun with knowledge. CAUTION! Reading This Book Can Make You Think provides challenging exercises for out-of-shape brains and sharpens modern day survival skills. Is it time for a mental tune-up? Do you know: * The key difference between Bias and Prejudice ? * Major triggers for widespread Temperature Change ? * How to start Stimulating Conversations with strangers? * When Ancient Civilizations appeared around the globe? * The official game rules for Pesapallo, Ga-ga, or Zorbing ? * Facts about Traditional and Alternative Energy and Fuel ? * About State, National, and Tax Laws that could affect you? * Clues to help you solve some of History's Greatest Mysteries ? If you have the curiosity, courage, and commitment to question what you hear or read and learn about the unfamiliar, reading this will make you substantially smarter, better looking, and a more valued member of society. And if you are not at least curious about some of the above, it might be wise to check your pulse.

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